Tribal Enrollment Cherokee Nation Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians


Many people want to know about becoming a Tribal Member based on a relative being Cherokee or of Cherokee descent. Enrollment in the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is governed by tribal ordinance #284 dated June 24, 1996 and restricts enrollment to the following:

Direct lineal ancestor must appear on the 1924 Baker Roll of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. (Note: The Baker Roll is the base roll of the Eastern Cherokee and contains the name, birthdate, Eastern Cherokee Blood quantum and roll number of the base enrollees.

Blood Quantum:

Must possess at least 1/16th degree of Eastern Cherokee blood.
All criteria must be met in order to be eligible with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.
Enrollment is CLOSED to all people who cannot meet the above requirements.

For citizenship in the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, you must prove direct descent from the Dawes Commission Rolls. For the Eastern Band of Cherokee, you must prove descent from the Baker Rolls. Both sets of rolls had residency requirements, which is why many people won't find their ancestors in them.